Could your rainforest experience be any richer? Sample one or more optional tours, and savor some of the exotic delicacies this zone offers.

Experience an adrenaline thrill, participate in a cultural exchange with members of the local community, or immerse yourself in exploration even deeper into the rainforest mountains. Each tour is an experience apart, leading you further down the “road less traveled.”

One Day Pacuare River White-Water Rafting Trip - (CLASS III-IV)
Discover the excitement of thrilling rapids coursing through rugged canyons and verdant tropical rainforests on one of the most exotic and scenic rivers in the world.

Pacuare Canopy Adventure
A unique tour in Costa Rica along a series of transverse cables with the highest rappel of the Original Canopy Tour in Costa Rica.

Pacuare River Inflatable Duckies Experience
The Pacuare Lodge’s newest outdoor adventure lets you paddle down a relatively calm stretch of the Pacuare River in an inflatable kayak. You’ll enjoy gorgeous riparian scenery, spot some of the local birdlife, and paddle through class-II rapids.

Pacuare Lodge Tropical Canyon Experience
This tour lets you experience the adventure sport of canyoning, or canyoneering, which combines hiking, climbing and rappelling.

Birdwatching Experience
Enjoy the spread of color and life throughout the forest as you observe a variety of native plant and animal species begin their day in the rainforest.

Spa Treatments
Experience the energy of a tropical paradise with our deep tissue Therapeutic Rainforest Massage

Bajos del Tigre Horseback Riding
To begin this tour, you will hike approximately 300 meters from the lodge back to the gondola pass over the Pacuare River—an experience in itself! When you reach the other side of the river, the horses will be waiting, along with a horseman from the region.

Cabecar Indigenous Hike
Hike the same trails the Cabecar Indians have for centuries, and personally visit with a Zutkia, or Cabecar medicine man to learn about the traditions and customs that are at the foundation of the Cabecar’s relationship with nature.


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