Sustainable Policies

Our Goal

We have determined our sustainability policies to define the guidelines of sustainable development with the purpose to create ecological conscience in our clients as well as our personnel, suppliers and the Lodge’s neighboring communities, by means of fomenting excellent working conditions and a cooperation and commitment environment for all.
This policy will cover environmental, social, economic and cultural issues. Also, we will establish guidelines to keep records and documents that will allow Pacuare Lodge to qualify in any future Certification Program as well as to continue improving our processes (CST)


  1. This policy involves all the Lodge employees, visitors and guests.

General Guidelines

  1. All exceptions to these policies have to be authorized by the President of this Organization or, in his absence, by the General Manager.
  2. The repetitive breach to this policy will mean the immediate breaking of the labor contract for every worker who fails to accomplish it. Also, the breach on behalf of a guest or visitor might cause the termination of any services contracted.
  3. The Lodge will offer a warm welcome to all clients and visitors and will provide a description about the place, a brief review of the most important tourism sustainable policy guidelines, the different meal schedules, special activities and different tours offered in the property.



Labor management will be strictly guided by the Costa Rican laws.

All workers must respect the working hours established and keep a daily record.

All workers who accumulate two consecutive absences or three alternative absences will be treated according to the law.

Only authorized personnel will be allowed in specific areas of the Lodge such as the kitchen area.

All employees must be trained with food manipulation courses for F&B employees.

All workers will be trained to provide quality services to all our guests and have excellent relationships to treat them in a positive, kind and empathic way.

The company will provide uniforms to all workers, and they shall take excellent care of them while using it during working hours.          

Pacuare Lodge will prepare an annual plan to establish community activities and assign the necessary budged to be performed. As priority, the program will include communal associations, schools, and non-profitable organizations. The company will promote all workers to participate at least twice a year in community service activities.

All workers shall respect F&B hours in order to accomplish international standards and they will attend them according to specific situations and seasons.

Smoking is prohibited (for all ages) in all Lodge areas. The same rule applies for the Pacuare Lodge’s workers during working hours. Only people over 18 years old will be allowed to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.

All kinds of illegal substances or drugs sale, distribution, or consumption is strictly prohibited.

We will hire workers from local communities to work at the Lodge, with no distinction of gender, religion, ethnics or politic preferences.

 All guests will receive an introductory safety chat for open air activities (suggested walks) which will include the following information: time, topography, recommended clothes, use of safety equipment and possible risks.

Emergency first aids personnel will be periodically trained according to our Emergency proceedings Manual, which will be available in writing and accessible to all employees, guests and visitors.

We will only maintain commercial negotiations with tour operators who have Insurance policies for each activity.

The company will eliminate all possible obstacles that may cause risks or injuries to guests, workers or visitors. All trails and infrastructure will be according to the country’s safety regulations to avoid any injury.

Non-registered or unauthorized people will be allowed in the room area.

The Lodge will regulate and supervise all activities that may affect our guests’ comfort and peacefulness, the wildlife, the  flora or the river.

Pacuare Lodge rejects and will denounce to competent authorities any form of sexual tourism or sexual exploitation of children and adolescents as well as any undesirable tourism that may affect the flora, fauna, the river or the surrounding communities.



Pacuare Lodge will inform all clients and workers about their commitment with the environment and will invite them to participate in all friendly environmental practices.

All native species in our gardens will include predominant native species, and they will be identified with their common, English and scientific name.

The lodge will provide water recipients to refill client water bottles. They will be located on public areas to diminish plastic waste.

The Lodge will prepare a donation program for organizations that protect our environment.

The hotel will promote the responsible use of water, and will repair all leaks. The lodge will install better consumption equipment when possible.

We will invite all our guests to participate voluntarily in all internal actions to diminish water and electricity consumption.

All organic waste will be buried in proper cells.

All waste will be stored and classified (paper, carton, glass and plastic) and separated to avoid contamination with other substances. The Lodge will invite all guests to participate in these efforts. All disposals will be return to their own service suppliers, for them to recycle or reuse them in a responsible, sustainable and permanent way. All suppliers will have to present a certification every three months as evidence of its waste management.  

Pacuare Lodge will give priority to biodegradable materials, liquid and solid cleaning substances to maintain buildings and gardens, as well as the room amenities with products such as shampoo and soap.

Tap Water for hotel consumption will be analyzed in a laboratory every three months and the lodge will keep a record of each analysis.

All sewage water will be processed to diminish environmental negative impacts.

Preventive maintenance will be provided for drainage of tap water, residual water and gas to keep it in good condition, without any leakage or obstruction.

Electric wiring will be kept in excellent maintenance conditions.

All fauna which enters the Lodge, will be appropriately captured by a trained employee and released in a safe place, without risking guests, workers and/or visitors.



All guests will be invited through our room information kit (For those who stay more than one night) to reuse all towels instead of changing them every day.

The lodge will implement a recycling paper program to give maximum use to it.

Recycled Paper use will be promoted in the lodge and offices.

All equipment purchased by the company shall be efficient, in regards to water, gas propane, and electricity use, in areas such as the kitchen, restaurant, rooms, maintenance, etc.

All kitchen utensils and equipment will be used adequately, as well as crystals; all shall be kept in good conditions.

Fire extinguishers will be located in all hotel areas, including all rooms. Maintenance staff will supervise their good functioning and handling. All personnel will be trained to use fire extinguishers appropriately.

All hotel employees will receive training for a minimum of 24 hours a year, in subjects related to their jobs and to improve quality services. Training subjects will include: languages, food manipulation, client service, emergency skills, and first aids. All training will be documented and registered through an evaluation form.

All dishes will be prepared in a standard and controlled way according to our recipes. Clients will be offered Costa Rican typical food.

Keep up to date all tax payments

Payroll will be paid every 15 days and with no delay.

The lodge will encourage all workers to achieve their own personal goals, as well as team work and the goals established by the management.



1-There will be a written presentation about the hotel history, its architecture, available menu, internal policies, its mission and vision. This information has to be known and understood by all personnel and they will be evaluated permanently.

2- The lodge will develop a plan to promote cultural activities of its surrounding communities. There will be at least three visits during the year to cooperate with neighbor communities and the Lodge will organize workshops, chats and seminars about subjects related to environment protection, cultural preservation and sport practices, which will benefit those communities.

3- Cultural manifestations will be included as part of the Clients offer, as well as visits to the neighbor communities in order to relate guests and visitors to workers and local costumes.               



Pacuare Lodge will register all activities carried out at the Lodge as evidence for future certification processes.

All printed material will be kept safely to be preserved in good condition for a minimum of five years.

All electronic produced or digital documents will be kept in a backup memory (DVD or CD) to avoid any disruption, theft or loss, at least once a month.

 All backups will be safely kept for a period of no less than five years. The company will name a member of the staff responsible for its compilation, care and administration.

All community support activities (social or economic) will be documented indicating date, place, beneficiary, type of activity, reason for the activity, photographic registry, thank you letters from the communities, among others. All these documents will be safely kept, free from deterioration, loss or theft. The company will name a member of the staff responsible for its compilation, care and administration.

Water waste control and electricity will be documented. All documents will be safely preserved.

All documents produced by the hotel will respect the document format as instructed.