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Costa Rica Nature Adventures is a division of Aventuras Naturales which is licensed by the Costa Rica Tourism Bureau - Registry Nº 3830

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Office Staff


Roberto Fernández
Founder & Co-Owner

Roberto was born and raised in Turrialba, a small town located to the east of San José near the Turrialba Volcano and some of Costa Rica’s most scenic rivers. Set in a lush valley surrounded by coffee and sugar cane plantations, the town is a white water mecca that draws rafters and kayakers from all over the world. From a very young age Roberto found himself attracted to the area’s abundant natural resources and particularly enjoyed engaging in adventure sports and activities. It was this same restless and adventurous spirit that drove him to begin Aventuras Naturales (Costa Rica Nature Adventures) in 1987. Since then Roberto has worked enthusiastically to promote an innovative and responsible tourism that is distinguished by the excellence and quality of the experience. “I have a wonderful daughter and a lovely wife who shares with me the blessing of managing a company whose staff is a continual source of encouragement and pride.” Roberto is married to Luz Cáceres, the sales and marketing director of Costa Rica Nature Adventures.


Jack Loeb

A natural leader and entrepreneur, he has been involved in various successful agricultural businesses through out his life. Jack joined us in late 2006 as co-owner of the Pacuare Lodge.

During this time his wisdom and background have been invaluable in our efforts to improve the Pacuare Lodge experience. Yet even before joining the Pacuare Lodge family, he had always championed the importance of maintaining a sustainable balance between the environment and business. "The sustainability of the world's protected areas hinges to a large degree on letting people experience nature one on one, through lodges and other responsible tourism efforts. Through our example we must educate our guests to the importance of protecting the environment for a future generation of visitors." Jack has a two daughter and he enjoys playing tennis and engaging in water sports.


Luz Cáceres
Sales & Marketing Director

 As with her husband, Luz was also born and raised in Turrialba and she possesses a deep love for nature and outdoor activities.

After obtaining a degree in tourism business management, Luz set off for Denver, Colorado to gain more practical experience in the hospitality industry. She has over 18 years experience in Costa Rica’s tourism industry and has worked for several international hotel chains, tourism operators and organizations dedicated to promoting Costa Rica abroad. “My career has given me the opportunity to travel all over Costa Rica, allowing me to gain much knowledge and insight into the great natural and cultural richness of this tiny nation. Roberto and I are co-owners of Costa Rica Nature Adventures and the Pacuare Lodge and we are both committed to continue developing sustainable and responsible tourism practices”. In her free time Luz enjoys traveling, particularly to off the beaten path destinations of great cultural contrast and local flavor. A woman of many interests Luz also loves adventure sports and studying theology.


Natalia Fernández
Travel Consultant

With an itinerant life between the city and the countryside , and as the daughter of founder and co-owner Roberto Fernandez, Natalia was born and raised in Turrialba one of Costa Rica´s most adventurous and scenic towns . During her college years she worked for Aventuras Naturales where she gain experience and knowledge and having recently acquired a degree in Business administration have proven to be just the right ingredients for success.

Although with a limited experience in the field and being the youngest and newest addition to the Aventuras team, Natalia has quickly proven to be an invaluable asset due to her great interpersonal abilities, problem solving capabilities and utter dedication to her job.

On her spare time, Natalia is known to be a fitness junkie and enjoys running, Pilates and functional training.



Priscilla Murillo
Travel Consultant 

Prisci joined our reservations/operations team in November 2007. Apart from being a passionate runner, she loves going to the beach, traveling, and hanging out with her dog Toño. As our Sustainable Coordinator, she´s always with some social - environmental project in hands, and will try her best to keep the Pacuare River safe and well as it is. You can also find her at the lodge as the Resident Manager in shift, and as you can imagine she is very knowledgeable of the property, services and logistics.

Priscilla worked on the Costa Rican Tourism Chamber and also participated in the organization of tourism expositions in Costa Rica.


Reynaldo "Dagen"
Webmaster + IT + Advertising

Nobody is sure what Reynaldo really does, except that he always seems to be hovering over a monitor staring at strange symbols, running from one computer to another, or, on occasion, suddenly jumping up from his seat exclaiming, “It really works!”  In all seriousness, Reynaldo is in charge of everything related to our computer systems and software applications. From in-house support technician to webmaster to database supervisor and software installer, he pretty much does it all. With a degree in Computer systems and Advertising, he is the main man whenever there is a problem with our website, a computer or even a lowly printer. In his spare time he enjoys creating and mixing electronic music, surfing with friends, driving fast cars and watching the Phoenix Suns basketball team. “Over the past few years I have grown not only professionally, but on a personal level as well, and I thank Costa Rica Nature Adventures for the opportunity to be a part of their team.”