The Pacuare Adventure

Take a journey on the wild side as you explore some of Costa Rica’s most biologically diverse tropical rainforests. The Pacuare Adventure offers the perfect combination of river rafting, rainforest hiking, canopy, and exquisite cuisine in beautiful, exotic and stress-free surroundings.

Your adventure begins with an adrenaline-laden ride down one of the worlds most scenic rivers, passing below tumbling waterfalls, impenetrable rainforest and through water that alternates between foamy white and placid green.

Abruptly, around the corner you spy a hidden paradise perched on the banks of the effervescent Pacuare River and enveloped within verdant rainforest. You have reached the Pacuare Lodge, lauded by esteemed travel publications and returning travelers alike.

As the towering rainforest canopy sweeps over the guest bungalows and lodge, the jungle’s fauna search and soar through this natural paradise of rare tropical forest and lush vegetation. What better way to taste of this earth’s most coveted offerings than to lie beneath living arbors and luxuriate in the perfumes of the jungle?

Our award winning eco-lodge combines touches of luxury with a commitment to exemplary sustainable tourism practices. Palm-thatched bungalows, roofed in the traditional Cabecar style, are reminiscent of ancient jungle dwellings. As you relax on your private porch or with fellow travelers in the lodge’s hammocks, you’ll begin to feel the invisible pull of this sensory immersion.

And you may consider other ways to enrich your rainforest experience: optional tours range from the adrenaline rush of the highest Canopy Tour in Costa Rica to cultural exchanges with the native Cabecar Indians who are scattered throughout the Talamanca Mountain region.

Though you might imagine stumbling upon this site after weeklong wanderings along remote indigenous trails, today’s traveler can choose from a variety of methods completely of this world for getting there and back, from adventure-filled rafting to a nature lover’s ground excursion.