about us


Pacuare Lodge is a simple and sophisticated Ecolodge that offers adventure and comfort in harmony with its surroundings, with a creative working team committed to create unforgettable experiences which transcend the life of travelers and collaborators.


Pacuare Lodge will be the best Ecolodge committed with sustainability, and consolidated as a world-wide leader, economically successful and with a happy working team that surpass the traveler´s expectations.



Principles and Values

















Company Policy



Pacuare Lodge is a leading Costa Rican company in the Tourism field, committed to ethical values and sustainable development. The company operates in a profitable way and cares for the quality of its travelers’ experience and offers the best working conditions for its employees.


Specific Policies








Pacuare Lodge is a model company that promotes creativity, innovation and encourages the capacities of its employees to reach financial solidity and maintain leadership.

Service: The company and all its employees are constantly searching to surpass the travelers´ expectations and fulfill the needs of its internal client.



The company makes immense efforts and facilitates the development of its working team’s skills and talents to promote their   general well- being and the company´s as well.  


Pacuare Lodge is committed to promote a working atmosphere that generates satisfaction and motivation, which extends at the homes and communities of our employees, as well as travelers.

The company is a leader and it is committed with sustainable practices,  conservation of the biodiversity and as  inspiration to other companies and institutions to develop joint actions and make a positive impact.  

The company takes care for the safety in all services that it offers and never puts its employees’ life or the travelers’ life at risk.  For this reason, it uses state of the art equipment and materials; and it is also monitoring its equipment and activities constantly, offering highly trained staff.  


Quality: Our commitment is to provide services always looking for excellence; implementing a system of continuous improvement through evaluation and monitoring.   


The company respects all its staff members and clients and offers the best conditions as part of its commitment with sustainability and ethics.


The company pursues the well- being of its neighboring  communities through joint actions and by promoting the self-management  
Businesses, and also by strengthening their cultural identity and stimulating the education and training of all its members.

Pacuare Lodge measures consciously the impact that it generates in all its activities and looks for the most effective ways to diminish its footprint and mitigate its emissions. The company considers all actions that allow it to be responsible regarding the climate change impacts.