green meetings

Planning a meeting for a group of no more than 35 people? The Pacuare Lodge is an excellent option, thanks to its isolated, natural setting, attentive staff and the opportunity to enjoy various outdoor activities that can strengthen your team’s esprit de corps.

Unlike the sterile meeting rooms of most hotels, the Pacuare Lodge has an open-air meeting hall with a view of the Pacuare River and surrounding rainforest, with birdsong instead of muzak. We offer the basic services needed for a successful meeting – wireless internet, a projector, screen, coffee breaks – and your group will enjoy the meals and exquisite accommodations that make the Pacuare Lodge one of the world’s premier nature lodges.

While the tranquility and isolation – neither television nor telephones – help groups to concentrate on meeting themes and objectives, the Lodge offers a selection of outdoor activities that include white water rafting, hiking, canyoning and a canopy tour to facilitate team building and invigorate participants. And because Aventuras Naturales, the company that owns the Pacuare Lodge, is a leader in corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, it is the natural choice for companies and organizations that prioritize people and the environment.

Book the Pacuare Lodge for your next meeting, or retreat and your group will enjoy an unforgettable stay.