In the language of the Cabecar Indians who live in the mountains to the south of the Pacuare Lodge, Jawa Juü is the house of the shaman, who treats patients with medicinal plants he collects in the jungle.

At the Pacuare Lodge´s Jawa Juü Spa, we use the soothing power of the rainforest, rhythmic massages and spa treatments with local, natural products to create a blissful sensory experience for the body and the mind. As the swift flowing Pacuare River murmurs in the background and birdsong drifts down from the branches, let the colors, scents and sounds of the tropics lull you into a state of peace and deep relaxation as our spa professionals work their magic.



Body Treatments 2017

Honeymoon Treatment for two

Immerse yourself in a harmonious sensory experience with your loved one. Aromatherapy, a revitalizing organic-chocolate massage and an invigorating scalp massage with essential oils will transport you both to a state of profound relaxation.

• Awakening of the senses with hibiscus flowers
• Decongestion with essence of eucalyptus
• Organic chocolate massage
• Scalp massage

This treatment ends with a refreshing shower.

90 minutes: $310 per couple

Cernido Pacuare

A treatment specially designed to rejuvenate and invigorate your skin:

• Aloe & Guanabana (sour sop) Body Wrap
• Option of Feet or Shoulder Massage
• Aloe & Honey Mini facial

90 minutes: $155 per person

Jungle Renovation

Revitalize with a combination of an organic coconut exfoliation and a banana leaf wrap. Then relax with a 60-minute hot stone massage.

120 minutes: $205 per person


Massage Treatments 2017

Swedish Massage

This therapeutic massage uses light to medium pressure to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

60 minutes: $100 per person
90 Minutes: $145 per person


This full-body massage includes the use of aromatic essences and the placement of hot stones in areas such as the abdomen, back and feet.

60 minutes: $100 per person
90 Minutes: $145 per person

Deep Tissue

Based on Swedish massage, this massage concentrates on the deepest layers of muscle to help relieve muscular tension in the back, shoulders and neck.

60 minutes: $105 per person
90 Minutes: $150 per person

Jackbaly (Massage with Hot Stones)

Experience bliss through the precise placement of basalt stones combined with long, soothing massage strokes to improve circulation and muscle tone, and remove stress.

90 minutes: $155 per person

Pacuare Massage

This 60-minute therapy combines Swedish and Deep massage.

60 minutes: $100 per person

Body Polish Treatments

This process revitalizes and gently eliminates dead surface cells of your skin. After the process, we nourish your skin with a natural moisturizing cream.

We only use natural products for our treatments:

• Organic Coffee
• Organic Chocolate
• Organic Coconut

50 minutes: $95 per person

Back Massage

This massage concentrates on the back, neck, shoulder and arms. As you lie upside down, our therapist applies deep-tissue massage techniques.

30 minutes: $70 per person

Cleckte Feet Massage

The therapist utilizes pressure points in the feet to restore balance and equilibrium.

30 minutes: $70 per person

Body Wraps

Renew and revitalize your skin to perfection. This exquisite treatment begins with the use of one of our aromatic organic products over your entire body followed by a banana leaf wrap. This is followed by a moisturizing massage.

• Aloe & Guanabana
• Organic Chocolate
• Volcanic Mud
• Guava

60 minutes: $110 per person


Facials consist of the cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing of your skin. You can choose from the following natural products:

• Aloe
• Honey
• Volcanic Mud
• Passion Fruit

60 minutes: $110 per person
30 minutes: $70 per person