From the Farm to your Table

A memorable meal begins with the selection of the best, freshest ingredients. At the Pacuare Lodge, you’ll enjoy delicious, fresh food that is organic and locally grown. We produce much of the fruit, vegetables and tubers served at the lodge’s restaurant on our own organic farm, Las Nubes de Tuis, in the mountains above the Pacuare River. There, we grow organic produce for the Pacuare Lodge’s kitchen with care and enthusiasm, because we know that our guests will appreciate the quality. We’ve also taught local farmers organic farming methods, so that they can supplement our farm’s production. To expand our culinary selection, we’ve started making organic goat cheese, which is used in various dishes, as well as the traditional Turrialba cheese that we serve with breakfast and other meals. It’s all part of our attention to detail and our commitment to supporting local communities, protecting the environment, and ensuring that every guest has a natural, healthy and enjoyable stay.

From the organic farm to the Pacuare Lodge: Bon appétit!