National Geographic Society Unveils its Unique Lodges of the World

Following months of secrecy and a rigorous evaluation process, National Geographic Society revealed on January 5th, 2015 the founding members of its newest foray in world-class travel experiences, National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, with Costa Rica able to boast that it is the home of two of National Geographic’s hand picked lodges.

The founding collection features only 24 properties across six continents. Pacuare Lodge, overlooking the Pacuare River on the Turrialba Region, joins a list that includes lodges from South Africa, Peru, Canada, Tanzania, Chile, Bhutan, Malaysian Borneo, Morocco, Greece, the USA, and Australia. Each of the 24 chosen properties underwent a comprehensive vetting process. Turismo Sostenible best practices were reviewed along with the quality of guest experiences, to ensure they enabled guests to engage with local people and local customs. The actual properties of the lodges themselves were also reviewed to ensure the design and character is unique and authentic, providing a true sense of place while celebrating the surrounding landscape and cultural heritage.

“By creating this carefully curated group of hotels, lodges and retreats that meet internationally recognized Turismo Sostenible criteria while providing top-notch guest experiences, National Geographic opens a new chapter in the power of travel to protect our planet,” said Costas Christ, a world-renowned Turismo Sostenible expert and editor at large for National Geographic Traveler magazine, who coordinated an international team to inspect each of the lodges. “Travelers can feel confident when they stay in one of these lodges that they are helping to safeguard cultural and natural treasures in some of the world’s most incredible places.”

“Owning and operating an award winning luxury lodge in the middle of a jungle is an immensely rewarding and challenging labour of love,” says Roberto Fernandez , founder of the Pacuare Lodge. “We are honored to be chosen as a founding member of National Geographic Society’s Unique Lodges of the World and we are looking forward to welcoming guests from all over the world who are seeking National Geographic experiences, which we feel we have been offering since we first opened our doors.”

About National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World

“The National Geographic brand is universally recognized for its commitment to exploring and protecting the planet, so we are uniquely positioned to unite and promote these exceptional properties and to set a new standard for tourism,” said Lynn Cutter, National Geographic’s executive vice president for Travel. “These lodges share the Society’s vision of preserving the planet for future generations and they demonstrate that sustainability and a world-class guest experience can go hand-in-hand.”