Departure by Ground transportation

In the morning, a concert of birdcalls punctuates the soft gurgling of the river, welcoming the new day. From the warmth of your bed you can appreciate the lush vegetation surrounding the lodge, as you gaze through the ample windows out into the jungle outside your door. If you’ve requested the service the night before, a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee will be awaiting you at your bungalow door.

A healthy and substantial breakfast is served at 8:00 a.m., after which you will have part of the morning to hike, relax, or take an optional tour.

Departure from the lodge is at 1:00 p.m., traveling back to the main road, then to our river takeout location by four-wheel-drive, and then by microbus to San José. Travel time from our river takeout location to San Jose is estimated at two and a half hours.

Arrival by River

Departure by River

Arrival by Ground Transportation