Community Support Program

Pacuare Lodge believes responsible tourism should benefit and respect local communities and it consistently works toward this goal. The Lodge is located in a remote area which as a result has been poorly maintained over time by local governments mainly due to its inaccessibility by conventional means. Its Community Support Program works to enhance the living standards of people along the Pacuare River and near the lodge by improving the infrastructure in this area.

It also supports local schools and provides funds to purchase stationery and other requirements as well as support sports and other social programs in the area. It has restored the cable car service which local residents use to cross the river.
A 100% of the Pacuare Lodge staff belongs to the closer communities Nairi Awari, Bajos del Tigre and Linda Vista. Pacuare Lodge provides direct or indirect employment to these communities that before lacked any source of formal employment. Their main income used to come from subsistence coriander cultivation and cattle raising.

In order to strengthen our relationship and provide better opportunities for the sustainable development of the community, during the second half of 2010, we carried out an evaluation about the Community. Now, and thanks to this information, we can say that tourism represents a 20% of the jobs and Pacuare Lodge represents the largest source of work that the tourism sector provides to this community, achieving a 70%.