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January 5, Pacuare 2 days

Having just returned from my 2-day rafting trip with Adventures Naturales on the Pacuare I wanted to email to thank and congratulate your organization for such a fantastic trip. Both my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience, your guides and staff were excellent in all areas both on and off the river. Kurt, Mario, Arturo and everyone at the lodge were first class. You have wonderful staff and a really special place in the river lodge. Many thanks, keep up the good work.

With best wishes,

Laura Fulton

Pollokshield , Scotland


January 7, 10-day Package

Hi Ana, Wendy and I wanted to thank you VERY much for helping us out with our Costa Rica trip. We had a GREAT time and really liked it. Thank you for the great and very well organized trip. Everything went smoothly and all was being take off. This was a great experience and we will recommend you to anybody we know who is interested in visiting Costa Rica . We had a lot of fun, met a lot of interesting people and had the time of our life at the Pacuare River .

We were very happy to have Snyder as our guide. Needless to say that our stay overnight at the Pacuare Lodge was one of the highlights of our trip. Miguel did a wonderful job preparing the delicious meals. I won't go into everything, but please know that everything was great and we really appreciate your help, in planning this unforgettable trip for us.

Muchas gracias,

Best wishes for 2003!

Erik and Wendy


January 6, Pacuare 3 days

The Pacuare Lodge has given me a lifetime of wonderful memories. The staff was incredible – Miguel was a wonderful cook. Andres is the best! I will highly recommend this trip to friends and family! Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

Diane Schmaus

Idaho Springs , CO


January 11, Pacuare 2 days

This tour was out of this world. It was worth every bit of my time. The guides were polite, friendly, and very helpful. Had I known it was going to be this good, I would honeymooned here over Kauai ! Thank! Mil gracias.

Leticia P. Lopez

San Diego , CA


January 12, Pacuare 2 days

A very memorable and worthwhile trip to be well recommended to one and all.

Rory Donnelly

Paris , France


January 14, 7-day Package

We are just back in the Netherlands . But I can't stop thinking about the great two day trip rafting we had with you're organization. Everything was great, the food, the hikes and the rafting (and not forget the guides, they made this trip unforgettable !!!). If we ever come back to C.R. we will come back again.

Floor Balkestein & Tiennot van Dilst

Rotterdam , The Netherlands


January 22, Pacuare 2 days

We had a very lovely time – all the people working for your company are very good with people + very personable. The meal was lovely, and the honeymoon suite spectacular ! Also the gardens everywhere are very nicely done.

Max + Irma Cripe

Bonie , MO


January 25, Pacuare 2 days

A very memorable experience all-round. Staying at the lodge for 2 days gave us time to get to know the wonderful staff, learn all about Costa Rica’s rich bird, insect, animal + plant life. Kurt was a wealth of information, Gerardo’s family took great care of us, Jose was a goofy, fun guide, and Max was fun to throw Frisbee with and play “band”. EVERYTHING was fantastic.

Jeannie Cameranesi

Newburg Park, CA


February 1, Pacuare 2 days

This trip was one of the most exciting, action-packed adventures I have experienced. I did not want the trip to end! Thank you so much for all your efforts to make this weekend run so smoothly and all your encouragement as I tried something new. I definitely want to return and raft again!

Thanks again!

M. Lindsley

Henniker , NH


February 12, Pacuare 2 days

The river guides made our rafting experience fun & challenging. The accommodations at the Pacuare Lodge were absolutely beautiful + all the meals were delicious. The candlelight dinner was a wonderful way to end an adventurous day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us! I will recommend you to everyone!

Michele Bosse

San Antonio , TX


February 17, Pacuare 2 days

Our experience with A.N. exceeded our expectations. The guides were wonderful – competent, congenial and very, very attentive. Compliments to them all. Luis, our guide, was superb. They were happy to give us their time to explain things about Costa Rica . Max was extremely knowledgeable many eco-type things – but then they all were. The lodge + the food were superb.! We will highly recommend this to friends!

Leslie Reardon

Chicago , IL


February 17, Pacuare 2 days

The trip was absolutely outstanding. Our guides were very, very special young men. They were smart, had great personality, and were extremely helpful. The lodge was awesome. We loved everything about the trip and will recommend it to friends who are coming to Costa Rica . Thank you very much!

David Reardon

Chicago , IL


February 19, Pacuare 2 days

Thanx for an excellent trip – everything exceeded my expectations!

Trisna Clauson

Seattle , WA


March 6, Pacuare 2 days

Fantastic! Guide was very knowledgeable – whole staff was very friendly – food was incredible. Canopy tour was the best! I would highly recommend this to anyone! Thank you!

Bunny Wagner

Baltimore . MD


March 13, Pacuare 2 days

We were extremely impressed about everything. We can’t wait to get home to show off what we got to experience. We will also highly recommend to friends who will be travelling to Costa Rica within the next year! Thank you

Meagan Webster

Marshfield , WI


March 27, Pacuare 2 days

From all my adventures in Costa Rica you tour exceeds all my experiences. Your guides are friendly, professional & a lot of fun. The service at the Pacuare Lodge is phenomenal. Thank you!

Orlando Montoya

Las Vegas , NV


March 29, Pacuare 2 days

This trip was amazing. Jose was entertaining and knowledgeable. The staff at the lodge were friendly and accommodating. The food was amazing. It was paradise! Thank you!

Kerry Hemstad

Brandon , Canada


March 30, Pacuare 2 days

This tour was amazing. I was looking forward to river rafting on the Pacuare but I enjoyed so much more than rafting – the service was great, the food @ Pacuare Lodge was phenomenal. The lodge was beautiful + tranquil.. The conversations at the lodge with other guests + staff is something I will always remember. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Costa Rica . The 2 day tour met + exceeded all of my expectations.

Antony Porto

Bronx , NY


March 30, Pacuare 2 days

I can’t imagine a better way to end an extraordinary 10 days in Costa Rica . In a vacation full of highlights, this was the highlight. The food, the other people on the tour, the scenery, the guides & especially the trip down the river were better than I could have imagined.

Katheryl Gayner



April 5, Pacuare 3 days

I thought this tour was very, very good. It ranks in with the top tours I have had in Central America . I really enjoyed the “bonus” information from Mario about the types of trees, birds, Costa Rican culture... It is always the best to have guides born and raised in the country of origin. I felt very safe, especially as a first time rafter, so I would definitely recommend your company to anyone looking to raft. Thank you!

Alicia S. Kerns

Chicago , IL


April 5, Pacuare 3 days

This has been the best vacation of my life. The guides were awesome & the facilities and activities provided were excellent. I would definitely come back. Thanks so much!

Gretchen Ludeman

Grand Rapids , MI


April 6, Pacuare 2 days

We loved the tour & service. We will recommend this tour to other friends, especially to tell them about the scenery, gourmet dinner, & family atmosphere, & well designed lodge

Susan & Jason Lai

Salt Lake City , UT


April 9, Pacuare 3 days

The best trip ever! I will tell all my friends. Can I get a job? Will work for food!

Kevin Dunkak

Telluride, CO


April 13, Pacuare 2 days

The Pacuare Lodge was wonderful. I took my son, Adam, to Costa Rica for his 13th birthday. We were amazed that the cooks made a birthday cake as a surprise. Arturo was very good to us on the rafting trip. My son left his glasses at the waterfall we hiked to and Arturo climbed up river to retrieve them. The food at the lodge was wonderful and the accommodations were great. Hard to believe we were in the jungle! Thanks for as great vacation!

James Millard

East Greenwich , RI


April 15, Pacuare 2 days

Every single guide was excellent. The Pacuare Lodge was everything we hoped for and more. The accommodations, food & family who ran the facility were first class. Not a minute passed that we did not enjoy. Fernando was an excellent overnight guide who really made an effort to make sure everything ran smoothly. The family was terrific and Fernando & Luis did and outstanding job guiding us through the canopy tour – felt very safe & looked after. I believe that out of our 10 day stay, the past two with Aventuras Naturales were our most memorable & best! Thank you! Oh, also – Kurt did an amazing job as both river guide & naturalist.

Anne & Geoff Teillon

New York , NY


April 22, Pacuare 2 days

The guides (Manfred & Andres) were terrific and the staff at the Pacuare Lodge could not have been more helpful! A fantastic experience!!

Kathy Sheldan

Modesto , CA


April 28, Pacuare 2 days

Excellent trip! Great stay, excellent delicious dinner, the best canopy ever, and most important the treat and kindness of the guides and all the personal was what made our trip incredible. Thank you very much and hope to return with you guys again some other time.

Rodarte & Wheatley

Guacan , Mexico


May 8, Pacuare 3 days

It was an amazing, beautiful, perfect trip. The lodge was truly idyllic. I only wish we could have stayed for 10 days at the lodge! Our guides, Jorge & Fernando were perfect. I have been on many river trips and they were the best guides and hosts. The cooking was truly first class, 5 stars. All the staff were super friendly. I will recommend Aventuras Naturales to everybody! What a great trip. Muchas gracias, we will see you next year.

Sally Quinn

Salt Lake City , UT


May 9, Pacuare 2 days

Between the rollicking rapids of this country’s most beautiful river, on the long calm stretches coursing through lush canyons, the scenery and serenity are almost dreamlike.

Laughter and screams that fill the air as the rafts tumble and twirl through the turbulent zones give way to a collective hush, during which you are left in awe, compelled simply to look and listen.

You tune to the sound of water rushing from the mountains to the Caribbean Sea , and to the chirping and whistling of birds deep in the jungle.

This small Central American nation, sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama , has 850 species of birds – and you seem to be among them all.

A tiger heron tries to blend into the bank, striking a statuesque pose as it waits to pluck an unsuspecting fish from the river.

The pendulous Montezuma oropendolas form colonies in the branches of tall trees. The brightly colored birds are darting from tree to tree, nest to nest.

The Female of this species chooses her mate based on the size and safety of his nest, your guide, Andres Vargas Sanchez, says, pointing above the trees to one of many enemies of the oropendolas, a large-beaked toucan, jokingly referred to as “that Froot Loop guy” in flight over the river. Onward you go, charging through rapids one minute, looking for monkeys the next, immersed in a universe so vibrant and green that you can hardly believe your eyes.

Your on the Pacuare River , one of the world’s top whitewater destinations, ...

Pete Thomas

Beauty Flows From Pacuare, for now.

Los Angeles Times


May 10, 11-day Package

Hi Anna,

We just got back from our trip this morning and I wanted to let you know that everything went very smoothly. All of our reservations were set just as you said. You have a beautiful country! This was the best vacation my wife or I have ever taken! We didn't want to come home.

The staff on the overnight Pacuare River Rafting and canopy tour was the best. Kurt, Luis Andres, Hedras, Luisita, Ricardo, and Jose were great! It was the highlight of our trip. Your entire staff was very professional and we felt safe the whole time. The accommodations were superior and very welcoming. The meals we were given were delicious. We have absolutely no complaints what so ever.

Please feel free to use this letter on our site. We are very comfortable recommending you to anyone, and in fact already have.

Please give our best to Kurt, Luis Andres, Hedras, Luisita, Ricardo, and Jose.

With sincerest gratitude....

John and Shannon Tinder

Binghampton , NY


May 19, Pacuare 2 days

A HUGE HELLO, From Andrew ,Bobbi ,Tim & Madalena.....

We had the pleasure of staying at the lodge on the 20th May. We had a blast, what a great bunch of people. The guides where wonderful to say the least, they new there stuff and seemed to be having as much fun as we were. On the rapids they were our saviors and in the Kitchen our hero's.

The food was great, Carmen is going to be a star she may even out shine Tomas.

It was a pleasure to dine with Roberto, how very interesting and motivating.

I work in the largest busiest hotel in Bermuda and I can't stop talking about my adventure.

And I still believe I'm the bravest woman in the world to have concord your canopy tour

Thanks to all of you, we had a fantastic time !!

Bobbi Roper

Southampton, Bernuda


June 4, Pacuare 2 days

I thought that the service was excellent and everyone was very professional. Accommodations were so beautiful. My wife and I had an excellent trip and would recommend this trip to many. Thank you very much.

John Dougherty

Atascadero , CA


June 5, Sarapiqui 1 day

I had lots of fun! I had never been white water rafting before. Our guides were nice & very funny! They gave great directions for us to follow. I hope to go white water rafting again sometime.

Leslie Spalding

Maquoketa , IA


June 11, Pacuare 2 days

I thought Kurt did an unbelievable job commandeering the raft as well as ordering us a plethora of information. He made the trip both exciting + educational.

David Studer

New York , NY


June 12, Pacuare 2 days

Fantastic! What really stood out was the Pacuare Lodge as well as the people. Our guides were welcoming, knowledgeable, responsible and fun. Really benefited from Kevin being bilingual. Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone coming to Costa Rica .

Nicky Davenport



June 24, Pacuare 2 days

Your staff went out of their way to ensure our safety + comfort while showing us a good time. Jose brought coffee to us in the honeymoon suite on our 2nd day. It’s that kind of service that will keep people coming back and telling others about you!

Kristy Bend

Wewoka , OK


June 25, Pacuare 2 days

Quite possibly the best 2 days of my trip – thanks!

Rebecca Hornstein

New York , NY


June 28, Pacuare 2 days

The entire trip was amazing. We will recommend the Pacuare Lodge to everyone. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.

Kelly Reid

Phoenix , AZ


June 28, Pacuare 2 days

We thought the trip was wonderful. The lodging was above and beyond any expectations, as was the food. It’s been a long time since we’ve been rafting, and we really enjoyed the river trip also. This has been such a great trip for us.

Stuart Gregg

Houston , TX


June 30, Pacuare 2 days

Aventuras Naturales was absolutely amazing! Everything was wonderful. The guides are great, the food is fantastic! The guest rooms are fantastic. Keep it up!

Clayton English

Needham , MA


July 4, Pacuare 2 days

We had a fantastic time on the trip and the guides went above & beyond to make us feel welcome and ensure that our stay was a great one. The lodging was gorgeous & the food was fantastic. I hope to be able to return to Costa Rica with this company again.

Laura Martin

Greenville , USA


July 4, Pacuare 2 days

Kurt, our river guide and naturalist was exceptionally good at sharing information that our whole group found fascinating. He took us on a nature hike that was labeled by several in our group as “the best nature hike I’ve ever been on”, As our river guide he was the best possible combination of kind encouragement, humorist, and, when called for, “comandante”, In short Kurt made the trip!!!

(The others as well! All guides, cooks, support staff were wonderful). I’ll be back!

Betsy Smith

Saluda , N.C


July 9, Pacuare 2 days

It was a fantastic tour – well organized, well guided, fun, good food, nice people at the lodge. Special mention to our guide, Jose who inspired confidence + was lots of fun. The canopy tour was top class and the guides very professional in this element as well.

The lodge was most beautiful & well maintained, the dinner excellent. I have nothing negative to say about the trip, which is high praise given that I am a tour operator myself (see – we run adventure tours in Trinidad and Tobago .

Wendy Yawching

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad


July 12, Pacuare 2 days

We had a great trip! Your staff and guides are very nice and care about making sure that we all have a very good time! It was a great lodge with great meals and facilities!

Judy Hall

Ontario , Canada


July 15, 14-day Package

Hi Grettel,

I wanted to thank you for planning a lovely trip for Raphe and I. We thoroughly enjoyed our week in your wonderful country and recommended it to all of our friends and family. We will pass your name and organization along if any of them need help in planning their vacations.

Thank you for everything! The arrangements were perfect and we really enjoyed all of the activities that were scheduled.

Take care,

Nancy and Raphe Schwartz


July 16, Pacuare 2 days

The trip was phenomenal – a definite once in a lifetime experience. The guides and the river were perfect, the lodge is gorgeous, and the food delicious. Thanks for a great trip.

Erin Barringer

Washington , DC


July 16, Pacuare 2 days

I thought it was excellent! Everything was so well organized and planned out. The food was abundant and excellent. The cabins were beautiful. I would recommend this tour to anybody planning to come to this beautiful country. Thank you very much for your time and service to us. It was wonderful.

Kelly Griffin

Natick , MA


July 24, Pacuare 2 days

It was wonderful! Wish it could have been longer! Thank you very much to made my time in Costa Rica a most incredible and memorable experience. Can’t wait to come back!

Ciara Leonard

Belfast , N. Ireland


July 27, 8-day Package

Der Anamaria,

Our family would like to say a hearty thank you to you too for your great job in helping us see and experience wonderful beautiful Costa Rica . We so appreciated all of the prompt service, the competent drivers, excellent places to stay and of course, the destinations themselves.

We were educated, thrilled and captivated by Costa Rica and its wonderful people. Thank you for going above and beyond in your efforts to make our trip trouble free. Our memories are priceless. Warm regards,

Elizabeth Maring


August 4, Pacuare 2 days

Dear Aventuras Naturales:

The overnight Pacuare rafting trip was great! My partner and I really enjoyed the new honeymoon suite. Waking up to the sounds of all those birds was a rare treat.

The entire trip was a success. The river was clear and beautiful, the guides were helpful (and humorous!) and dinner was unexpectedly exquisite. My only complaint is that your website does not really reflect the absolutely fantastic experience of the overnight Pacuare trip. The time passed far too quickly. If we had known, we definitely would have booked the three-day excursion so we could have enjoyed another day at the Pacuare Lodge before continuing on down the river.

Next time, I guess. Until then, keep up the excellent work!

Auriana Koutnik


Heredia , Costa Rica


August 10, Pacuare 2 days

Our guide Arturo was excellent and gave a great ride. We were able to make our time and explore. That was nice. The lodge was amazing...once, hopefully twice in a lifetime. The food and happy hour was superb. There was always something to do. The guides and equipment were both safe and reliable. I would recommend this service to any who asks.

Gabriel Kopp

Red Bluff, CA


August 12, Pacuare 2 days

Mario and all of the staff for this part of our vacation were wonderful. Our family has had a spectacular two days on the Pacuare, learning about the country, nature, and the people. Thank you so much. Gracias.

Robin Brickman

Williamstown. MA


August 13, Pacuare 2 days

This trip hase gone beyond my expectations. I’m so glad I went with you guys instead of ... .......... The professionalism of the guides was extraordinary and the food was exceptional. But the greatest of all was Pacuare Lodge – what a treat. I will definitely recommend this outfitter any time!!

Courtney Kopp

Red Bluff, CA


August 14, Pacuare 2 days

What a wonderful and exhilarating experience from beginning to the end! It was a pleasure to get to know all the guides and especially our raft guide Jose. What a delightful person with so much knowledge about his job. He was pleasant, funny, fun and very informative and professional. We enjoyed the food, the working people along with our groups! We had a blast and will look forward to doing this trip again. It was definitely an awesome adventure. Thank you.

Candy Zamboni

Santa Barbara , CA


August 17, Pacuare 2 days

I had the most amazing time. I loved every aspect of the trip. The meals were exceptional, the lodge was beautiful and the rafting was amazing. Than k you so much for providing such a wonderful experience

Alicia Blumenfeld

Farmington Hills , MI


August 18, Pacuare 2 days

Could not have been happier with everything. Fantastic job. Would recommend to others and do it again myself. Mario, Luis Andres and Fernando were great. Thank you

Jeff Chandler

Washington , MI


August 24, Pacuare 2 days

....if I’d woken up five minutes earlier, a snake may have fallen onto my head before my first cup of coffee.

Buzz McClain

Overnight Success

In Costa Rica , a Class IV Hotel

The Washington Post


August 24, Pacuare 2 days

This was my first white water rafting trip. The guides were exceptional, both with their knowledge and attitude. The lodge exceeded all expectations. The food and accommodations were excellent. This trip was unquestionably the highlight of my vacation in Costa Rica . Thank you very much.

Steve & Eva Moon

Ottawa , Canada


September 6, Pacuare 2 days

I was thoroughly impressed of the facilities. They were above my expectations. The highlight of the trip was definitely the service. I have traveled to many places and have to say that it was top of the line. Most of all our tour guide was the best! Everyone on staff was wonderful and made this adventure memorable. Thank you Jose and Aventuras Naturales for an experience of a lifetime.

Didi Mantecon

Miami Beach , FL


September 7, Pacuare 2 days

Excellent in all respects. Andres & Esteban were not only extremely competent & professional, but they shared their extensive knowledge and had a great sense of humor. The lodge was much nicer than I expected and the meals were terrific. You have a quality staff and a quality product. Thank you!

Mel George

Columbia , MO


September 9, Pacuare 1 day

I’ve been on two other raft trips, including the Grand Canyon – This river was the best!

Steve Cook

El Lajon , CA


September 25, Pacuare 2 days

Mario was incredible + I trusted his judgement + experience. The facilities were excellent. The rooms were clean + I really appreciated the flowers throughout. Meals were beyond excellent + evening was fun. Thank you for a great adventure.

Lisa Horve

Annapolis , MO


September 25, Pacuare 2 days

This trip exceeded every expectation. Fantastic guides, great river, beautiful facilities, exciting canopy tour and some of the most incredible food I’ve ever had prepared by Thomas at the lodge. I would recommend this trip highly to anyone.

Heather Squims

Seattle , WA


October 7, 11-day Itinerary

Dear Grettel,

Donna and I wanted to take this opportunity to write and thank you for the great job you did in arranging our first trip to Costa Rica , and the tremendous job Adventuras Naturales did in making our trip a very special one. From the minute we arrived in San Jose ( 11:56 PM ) to the final pickup to return to the airport for our trip home everything was perfect. Everyone involved should be commended on the professionalism of your company. We especially enjoyed the river rafting and the canopy tour. WOW! The hike was a little arduous but we got through it ok. The hotel Tabacon was a real treat after spending a few days in the jungle and we took advantage of the hot springs to sooth our aching bonesJ. We enjoyed the hotel Capitan El Suizo in Tamarindo, but due to our short stay there we probably would have preferred an extra day at the Tabacon.

Please say hi to Alejandro, Macho, Harry, Mario, Fernando, Tomas, and all the rest of the gang. They’re all great guys. Our mailing address is listed below for the flight refund. We wound up sharing a van with another couple to get back to San Jose that night. It was a long trip but it worked out ok. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of calls from United Airline employees, we put the literature in the travel folder and have mentioned the trip to many of our friends there.

Please feel free to use us as a referral to anyone considering a trip to Costa Rica .

Thanks again for everything!

Greg & Donna Megas

Ft. Lauderdale , FL


October 9, Pacuare 3 days

Everything we hoped for and more! Your website convinced us yours was the organization to book our entire trip. Grettel was so friendly and helpful to custom design our trip by e-mail. Adventure, comfort, and the food all exceeded our expectations. (Tommy is a chef extraordinaire)! Rafting, hike, canopy, canopy tour were all well beyond our expectations. But the most rewarding part of our trip is the new friendships: Mario, Luis Andres, Tommy, Arturo, Fernando, Kurt – all interesting, professional, and wonderful at what they do.

Thomas A. Thyer

Grand Junction , CO


October 10, Pacuare 2 days

The stay at the lodge, the river trip and the Canopy Tour were beyond our expectations. Everyone involved was very helpful and very professional. Everyone worked together very well and everyone did everything they could to male our trip a great one. We will be telling all of our friends what a tremendous experience we had and encourage them to come to Costa Rica and visit our friends. Muchas gracias mis amigos.

Greg Megas

Ft. Lauderdale , FL


October 12, Pacuare 2 days

Perhaps the very best, most exciting excursion I have ever been on!

Danny Bears

Mendon , NY


November 5, Pacuare 3 days

We have traveled many places in the world and this tour was by far the most outstanding romantic and peaceful of them all. Thank you to all of the staff and crew that made it worth coming back. We will tell our friends that we recommend this for all. # 1 tour of all time.

Naomi Obrien

Kalispell , MT


November 14, Pacuare 2 days

The whole experience was absolutely fabulous. The staff was attentive and very concerned about what we needed and accommodated all requests. They were very knowledgeable and were great about being patient with us on the canopy part. Kevin made our trip – his humor + concern for safety and wanting us to have a great experience built our confidence + catered to our every need!

Nina Gompels

Savannah , GA


November 15, Pacuare 2 days

Excellent trip – our guide Louis was superb! The chef, Thomas was simply beyond compare, our food was amazing, a four star gourmet feast in the middle of paradise – I could go on and on – Would do again!

Greg Ronlov

San Diego , CA


November 13, 6-day Itinerary

Dear Grettel, I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for helping me put together a most wonderful trip! Everything went smoothly and your people were so very nice and hospitable.

The Don Carlos Hotel was very nice. We really enjoyed our stay there. The staff was extremely helpful. We did go to Pueblo center for an evening--what fun!

Alex, our guide for the white water trip was wonderful! He and the driver, I think his name was Miguel, and Lil were so much fun. Miguel helped me keep up with my stuff without a problem.

The Hotel Paradisus Playa Conchal was awesome. The food was excellent and the staff was very helpful. Although we did not catch any Marlin or Sailfish, our day of fishing was a lot of fun. We did catch a yellow tail, a red snapper and an amber jack.

This trip went beyond our expectations.

Your country is truly beautiful. There are other things we would like to do so we will have to do a return trip.

All of the people (Ricas) we talked to and met were so friendly.

Thank you again for helping me put together an unforgettable trip. I will be calling on you again.

Patricia Zimmerhanzel

Houston , TX


December 10, Pacuare 2 days

It is always enjoyable to live a moment in time through a persons passion and enjoyment in what he does best. The last two days even though I had the flu I experienced a slice of heaven.

Warren Jonathan Stone

Gantong , South Africa


December 21, 15-day Itinerary

Ana Maria, Just a quick note to say how much we loved Costa Rica ! We had an absolutely wonderful experience experiencing the diversity of the landscape and meeting many great people - locals and fellow travelers. We could not come up with a favorite spot as each destination had it's own charm. Your company should be very proud of your staff as they were friendly, courteous, honest and extremely helpful at all times - right from the bus drivers to the guides on the river trip. Thank you very much for all you did for us in the planning stages. You were truly a valuable asset to our whole experience. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you while we were in San Jose . We loved the Hotel Don Carlos and the Sunset Reef in Malpais also suited our style very well.

I look forward to recommending your services to any friends wanting to travel to your beautiful country. I have also adopted your country's saying "Pura Vida" as it sums up our whole experience.

Thank you again and I hope someday we can return!


Gayle and Greg Andrews,

Calgary , Alberta , Canada


Mario & the other guides were great fun and informative. The lodge was stunning. We all enjoyed ourselves very much & will look forward to returning.

Jason Chapin

San Francisco , CA




January 2, Pacuare 2 days

Guides were helpful, considerate, knowledgeable and wonderful. I thank you for an experience of my lifetime!

Linda Shoesmith

Bettendorf , IA


January 4, Pacuare 2 days

It was a blast, the guides were great and the atmosphere was awesome. Great job.

Robert Baumgart

Encinitas , CA


January 12, Treasures of Costa Rica

This was the most fantastic adventure I have ever had! Everything about the day was amazing. The food was great…Silvia & Paolo were THE BEST! I can’t wait to go on another trip with your company!

Kelly Dolan

Nahant , MA


January 12, 9-day Package

Just wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely fantastic holiday

in Costa Rica . Every part of this trip was fantastic and we want to

thank you and your fine organization wholeheartedly. A special thanks to

your staff at the rafting trip, please let them know their cooking was

superb and the care they showed made the trip lots of fun.

We shall most certainly come back! Thank you again for all your help.

Coral and George

Toronto , Canada


January 14, Treasures of Costa Rica

Hello to Snyder and Laura,

Thank you for a very nice tour. We had a good time and enjoyed everything from the waterfalls to the river rafting. You all did a great job.

Best wishes,

Mark, Marianne and Brian

Rodney and Gail

(Insertar foto)


January 16, Pacuare 3 days

This tour was just great. I have to say, our guide Paolo (a/k/A Boo Boo) really made the difference. He was energetic, friendly, knowledgeable. His English was great, he gave great instructions on the river. His attitude was everything. We are honeymooners and we shared the lodge with another honeymooning couple + he set up a very special dinner for us on an outside table by candlelight + a special bottle.

This is a great company – we had a blast – will be back. Thanks for being here.

Mary Angel Blount

Providence , RI


January 17, 3-day Package

Just a quick note to say thank you for organizing our stay at the lodge in Sarapaqui - it was fantastic. However disappointed we were for not being able to stay the extra night at Pacuare, the night at Sarapiqui certainly made up for it - the staff were so friendly and helpful, the resort was amazing and the food was wonderful - thank you so much once again. Also, to let you know that the 2 day rafting trip was also fantastic – with a brilliant guide and excellent rapids - our stay at the Pacuare lodge was really brilliant too with excellent guides and wonderful food. Thanks for all you have done.

Jane and Jeremy Murch



January 27, Pacuare 2 days

Thomas, what can I possibly say but thanks! We just had the trip of a lifetime. The hotel was perfect, the rafting was awesome, the Lodge is unbelievable, the guides were so much fun (especially Jorge). My friends and I will never forget this experience. All the best to you and your whole team, we hope to see you again in Costa Rica another time.

David Kupiec

Publisher, MensJournal


March 2, Pacuare 1 day

The tour was fun. The guides were very good. The boats are really nice and nature is your god given best present. We enjoyed it. Thank you.

Amnon Rasin



March 2, Pacuare 3 days

This will be the best part of our Costa Rican vacation! We loved the food, service – the company was outstanding. Our guides were fabulous, they all had great personalities and made our time with them one that we wi8ll never forget. We will be back soon. Thank you Andres, Edgar, Jorge and Carlos for a great time.

Vincent & Marsha Defaid

Fairfax , VA


March 9, Sarapiqui 1 day

What a wonderful time I had with my family. This was definitely a weekend venture that we will all remember. Thanks to Silvia my kids could both feel comfortable in a raft in the water. We will highly recommend this venture to all our friends. Thanks again.

Lisette Bobrich


March 9, Pacuare 1day

I want to thank you so much for a ride of a life time. Our guide Max, you couldn’t ask for a better guide. When I come back I want to request him. You are very lucky to have him as a guide. Overall it was the best thing I have ever done. Thank you very much!

Sean Sixberry

Savage, MW


March 11, Pacuare 2 days

This tour was very well organized. Your staff / guides are excellent. The stay at the Pacuare Lodge was perfect. We will recommend this tour to our friends. We will come again. Don’t dam the river!

Tom Duttton & Bunny Scott

Oakville , Canada


March 14, 5-day Package

Hi All: Just want to thank all of you from myself and our clients the Tony Franks booking.

They called to say what a great time they had, due to your efforts of making all clients feel special and want to return again.

They mentioned each of you with special mention about the great service, wonderful and friendly staff and fantastic guides on tours & rafting. Pura Vida!


Adventure & Dive Tours


March 15, Pacuare 2 days

If I could do it again I would not have asked for anything to be different from how it was. Guides were excellent. Pablo answered every question asked of him & was so incredibly knowledgeable about everything from flora & fauna to Costa Rica in general. I will highly recommend this trip to anybody travelling to Costa Rica . The food was absolutely delicious. I would not have expected it to be that good in a 5 star restaurant. The Jungle Lodge was unbelievable. The website did not do the place any justice. It was incredible all around. Thank you!!

Kerri Ahern

Bronxville , NY


March 16, Sarapiqui 1 day

This was absolutely wonderful, very fun & excited plus good exercise for the arms. Silvia was a very good guide, humorous and was able to let us know more about Costa Rica . This is such a beautiful place, I hope to return soon. Thank you for a wonderful time. I was a little scared at first but I felt safe once we started down the river. Thanks again.

Megan J. Daum

Dallas , TX


March 16, Pacuare 3 days

It was the most fun we’ve ever had on vacation. Thanks

Rick Chadwick , TX


March 17, Pacuare 2 days

What a fantastic voyage through the Pacuare rainforest! We couldn’t have asked for a better guide – we want to take Mario with us the rest of the trip – he is most delightful! We all thank you for a fabulous time!

Jane Perrin

Santa Barbara , CA


March 19, Pacuare 2 days

The Pacuare Lodge is absolutely beautiful. The grounds were stunning, and you thought of everything to make our stay comfortable – from umbrellas to candles and flashlights in the room to backgammon at the lodge. Kurt’s tour was fabulous + we learned about walking trees, hallucinogenic tea (angel trumpet) and more! The food was great as well. We felt very pampered when we expected to be “roughing it”. Carlos also was such a great guide – we felt safe yet adventurous at the same time! Nice back trip off the cliff, by the way – very impressive! We loved the hikes to the waterfalls as well, thanks Luis! All in all – excellent – we’ll recommend you to friends & hope to be back soon!

Drew & Andra Nelson

Chicago , IL


March 28, Pacuare 2 days

Fantastic – Paradise found! We will go back. Best meals on our entire trip. Pablo was an excellent tour guide – very accommodating, entertaining & informative.

Dale Fasenmyer

Tampa , FL


March 30, Pacuare 2 days

I was very impressed with the overall organization, professionalism + courteousness of the guides. Everyone was very polite and friendly. The lodging was even nicer than the photos! Very beautiful + natural. The food was delicious. I would do this trip again with Aventuras Naturales + I will tell friends about it. “Thank you” Kevin!

Jenna Scarafone

San Diego , CA


April 12, 8-day Package

Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did in planning our vacation. The itinerary you set up made it a special time for my teenage daughter and me – nice variety, incredible sights, good accommodations. The 2-day Pacuare rafting trip was the centerpiece. All hotels were interesting, clean, and well-run. Every single transfer you arranged was there at the specified time. Gretchen Kling did an excellent job for us. We are planning to recommend you to our friends. Thanks again!


Tim Erikson

Minnetonka , MN55305


April 6 and April 14, Pacuare 1 Day and Treasures/Sarapiqui 1 Day

Both of these trips were awesome, the rapids were never-ending on the Pacuare and the jungle surroundings whisked us away to another world. Paulo manned our raft and went out of his way to "surprise us" with waterfalls and great photo ops with our waterproof, he really went the extra mile to ensure a great trip on the Pacuare. We requested him again for the treasures tour and again we had a splendid time. We requested duckies at his suggestion and were overjoyed with the experience. Being beginner kayakers we weren't quite ready for our normal kayaks but duckies make the Sarapiqui much more fun for us (boosting our moral maybe too). Again Paulo was an excellent guide and we even got to see a poisonous frog, toucans and monkeys! A great way to end our wonderful trip to Costa Rica ! Pura Vida!

Thumbs up and I’ll definitely suggest AN!


Heidi Haas

Schaumburg , IL


April 23, Pacuare 2 days

Excellent!! Our dream come true!! Lifetime experience!!

Thank you!

Sandra Martinez & Lee Moore


April 25, Pacuare 3 days

This tour was much more than expected. I was trilled with the facilities & amazed with the preparation of the meals & how efficient & well informed your guides are, they made my stay exciting & wanting to go back real soon. I hope you have V.I.P. offers. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you.

Jennifer Morales

Chelsea , MA


April 25, Pacuare 3 days

I believe we had the best guide in your company. (Luis Achoy) He knew the river very well and gave us the best fun we could have. Andres was also excellent. Food and lodging were superb. Your company handled everything very professionally and all 5 of us had a great time. Gerardo also is a very valuable employee for your company, his dedication is unmatched and was very friendly. We will remember our trip forever and recommend it to all our friends!

Pura vida!

Jerome Malinowski

Revere, MA


May 17, Pacuare 2 days

This was incredible! Moises, our guide, was magnificent! He handled the boat so well and he was so much fun. The service was amazing from start to finish. The food was phenomenal and the overnight lodge was beautiful and perfectly clean. I would come back myself and recommend it to all my friends. Thank you!

Florencia Halperin

Brookline , MA


May 18, Pacuare 2 days

The tour was the highlight of our vacation. Kevin was a fantastic guide. You definitely need to keep him around as long as you can. We can’t wait to recommend your company to everyone in Chicago . We’ll be making this a repeat vacation. Thanks again!

Jason & Heidi Pfetcher

Chicago , IL


June 4, Pacuare 2 days

I have been thoroughly impressed with the entire trip. The lodging was beautiful + immaculately clean, but the trip would not be the same if it was not for the guides. They were fun, enthusiastic and great cooks. I could not believe the food and the presentation of the food. I didn’t know men could cook so well. The bathrooms were great. I felt completely safe with the staff. They were great fun. Everything was wonderful and well done. I hope the government does not dam the river. Keep up the great work!

Denis Lee & Trudi Fahey

Houston , TX


June 10, Pacuare 2 days

It was a spectacular trip with awesome views. The level of service at the lodge can only be compared with a 5 star hotel. Danly and Fernando were excellent guides and very knowledgeable. As a first time rafter, it gave me a lot of confidence that guides with their experience were with us.

Rosario Montero

Malden, MA+


June 10, Pacuare 2 days

This trip exceeded our expectations. The lodge was spectacular but our guides Danly and Fernando really pampered us. Although I knew Pacuare Lodge would be nice, the service was a pleasant surprise. I would have liked to stay a little longer but will definitely return to do it again as well refer friends looking for a great time, excellent service and lodging.

Tom Gomez

Malden , MA


June 15, Pacuare 2 days

This 2-day excursion was fantastic! It went beyond my expectations and more – every person associated with this company was extremely pleasant and very easy to talk with. We felt like the people we met and the employees at the lodge were family. They created a very easy going type atmosphere and the grounds were beautiful. The lodging was very clean and decorated very creatively and neat. The food was spectacular – excellent…delicious and vent beyond our expectations. I would recommend this to everyone! Thank you for a wonderful time – it was fantastic!

Lisa Doucette

Oviedo , FL


June 21, Pacuare 3 days

The river rafting was excellent, and the stay overnight made it a special & wonderful experience. I will recommend your services to all my friends. The guides were friendly and went out of their way to make this a wonderful & tasty experience

Mark Bishop

Chicago , IL


June 24, Pacuare 2 days

The guides are top-notch. They were knowledgeable, funny, patient, skilled. I had been nervous and they made me feel confident and safe. I forgot my fears and paddled hard! Andreas took care of us well – good food, great happy hour. Kurt thought us a lot about the river, its plants, trees & its stories. I would recommend this trip to everyone!

Grace Paterall

Toronto , ON


June 26, Pacuare 3 days

Destacamos la atencion muy cariñosa y atenta del personal del Pacuare Lodge, en especial de nuestro Guia Fernando. Por cierto, la comida que tomamos dudo que ningun hotel de 5 estrellas lo supere… seguro que engordamos!! Gracias por todo!

Teresa Molina

Gandia, España


June 28, Pacuare 2 days

Kevin + Kurt were absolutely fantastic. They were both very patient + thoughtful. We were in a very small group and they added a lot to the trip and made the experience exceptional! Meals were great, the lodge was wonderful. Kevin took us of on an exhilarating hike near the Pacuare Lodge – he took the time to get to know us, and cater to our interests. Two thumbs up!

Raj Vazirani

New York , NY


July 5, Pacuare 2 days

This was easily the best rafting experience I’ve ever had. The beauty of the Pacuare combined with the amazing River Lodge was just great. You guys have done a great job. The Lodge is so peaceful and wonderful. Thank you for a trip that I’ll never forget.

Shalin & Rajni Agarwal

Miami , FL


July 10, Pacuare 2 days

An unbelievably great trip! You guys run a first class business. The staff is very friendly, fun, courteous, knowledgeable and safe. The river trip and the canopy tour are going to be great memories! Thank you!

Brian Majoy

Worcester , MA


July 17, Pacuare 2 days

Tour was very good, the lodge facilities were above excellent, the food was very good along with the presentation. The lodge and rooms were very clean and nice. I cannot really think of anything that could make this trip better. Our guide Jose was very accommodating and patient, and excellent member of your team. Thanks

Matthew Davenport

Bolton , England


July 21, Pacuare 3 days

This is a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives!

Dan Nicholson

Hanwell , NB


July 29, Pacuare 2 days

We’ve been here 8 days and 7 nights and I must say staying at the Pacuare Lodge and the river trip was the best part of this vacation! Fernando and the family at the lodge treated us like special guests, which was extra meaningful since it was just the two of us in the entire lodge! The bungalow, food, happy hour & hosting was more than we could have asked for! Muchissimas gracias!

Kimm Blackwell

Oakland , CA


August 1, Pacuare 2 days

The trip, canopy tour, accommodations & meals couldn’t have been better. Jose, Fernando + Andres had patience & humor & skills beyond what could be expected. The Pacuare Lodge was idyllic. It couldn’t have been a better vacation. Thank you.

Diane Curtis

Mill Valley , CA


August 4, Pacuare 2 days

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your invitation to the Pacuare Lodge overnight trip.

I figured we would have a good time, but I honestly didn’t expect the attention to detail and professionalism of your 2-day overnight adventure. The trip down the Pacuare is always spectacular: verdant hillsides away from the “civilization” make a striking contrast for the tumbling freshwater cascades that fill the river. That impressive backdrop coupled with heart-racing rapids makes for a memorable experience. But Carlos and Andres really made the trip unforgettable. Funny and good spirited, our knowledgeable guides took us down the river, told us jokes, and made us feel at home in your beautiful facilities. And the food: it’s amazing to have a five-star gourmet meal in the middle of the jungle.

Now back in San Jose , I can hardly wait to tell my friends about this adventure. We would like to tell our readers about your facilities but running a short article on your lodge in a future edition, with your permission.

And I can hardly wait to get back into the wild to really experience Costa Rica .


Peter Majerle


Costa Rica Informer


August 8, Pacuare 2 days

I want to say I was very impressed with the organization, the facilities, the food, and the crew. We were treated like royalty and since this was my wife and myself’s honeymoon it will be an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much.

Paul Dickey

Mesa , AZ


August 20, 15-day Package

Good morning Gretchen. Just a wee note to say we had a terrific time! The adventure pkg. was just that including the 4x4ing over the 'goat path'roads to get to some of the locations. The lodges, especially

those in the jungle were spectacular - lush, romantic and exotic. Indeed, all the arrangements made by you were first class. My wife and I both found Costa Rica to be a wonderful and beautiful country. We have traveled all over the world and without question our rafting/hiking/kayaking adventure in Costa Rica rates right up at the top of our list. The Pacuare river rafting was exceptional- it clearly is one of the great white water rafting trips. We will definitely return one day. Again, thanks for all your assistance. Please feel free to use my comments as a letter of recommendation or should anyone be seeking references you can offer my name and email address. Best regards,

Temple and Vivian Harris

Thornhill , Ontario , Canada


August 25, 5-day Package

Hello Gretchen, Carol and I wanted to tell you what a great time we had. Thank you for all of your help!!! The country is beautiful and we had some wonderfully fun experiences!! Also, Grace, all of the drivers and guides were helpful and very accommodating to our needs. Thanks again!

Anita Muratori

Miami , FL


September 28, Pacuare 2 days

Dear Ana and Roberto: Thank you so much for inviting me to rafting and staying at Pacuare Lodge. I had a great time! It's really good that the other tour didn't work out because I don't think just seeing the pictures would give me the full idea of what a lovely place the lodge is. I think it would be just perfect for a Sierra Club group. I found it so simple but beautiful and very comfortable. I loved the natural feeling, the way the cabins are so spread out for a feeling of privacy and minimal impact on the environment. The whole project was obviously designed with much thought and care. I can't say enough in praise and commendation about Kevin as our head guide. The river was higher than I'd seen it before so I was happy to be with such a competent boatman. He is a top rate professional in every aspect of that demanding job.

It was good to meet you and I hope we will be able to schedule some groups to you as we develop our schedule for 2004.

Thanks again,

Mary O'Connor

Sierra Club


October 1, Pacuare 2 days

Hola! Had a great trip. Everything was perfect--from your hotel recommendation to the good weather. No rain, but then a big storm blew in the second that we hit the take-out point. How'd you do that? Talk about perfect planning!

Manfred, Mac, Gerardo, Jose--and the rest of the crew were all very competent and a lot of fun. I am not real fond of heights, but Mac and Gerardo were so good at what they do that I trusted them completely on the canopy tour and had a blast. The hike to see the Cabecars with Manfred was tough but very worthwhile. I will never forget it. The rapids were great fun and exciting. The lodge area was wonderful and very well-tended. The food was great, the bungalows very nice. I suppose that you hear this stuff all the time. I'll be back. Next time I'm bringing a date, though. It was too good to do alone.

Thanks for running a good business.

Len Kopec


October 24, Pacuare 2 days

Great organization, luxury lodge in wilderness but with awareness of the nature + preservation of the wilderness! Enough time to relax! Guides doing it with their whole hearth! I enjoyed it a lot!

Beatrice Goeldi

Illnau , Switzerland


October 28, Pacuare 2 days

This was the most wonderful and amazing day and adventure I ever had! Thank you for the perfect organization. “Big Luis” was the best!

Katrin Hartmann

Bogart , GA


November 2, Pacuare 2-days

This will be one of the highlights of our trip! Your personnel were all wonderful. Thoughtful, funny and thorough. I was in awe of the grounds and the atmosphere of the lodge. I will long remember the romantic room with the candles and the sweet smelling flowers. The food was outstanding! The river trip itself was exhilarating! I loved all the rapids! This was a trip full of wonderful memories + new friends that I will treasure forever.

Jeanne Cannon

Ramona , CA


November 17, Pacuare 3 days

This was a highlight of my life! I have participated in about 40 rafting trips including the Grand Canyon and this was among the very best! Quite a change from desert canyon country! The guides were excellent. Jose is an outstanding boatsman but not to good at soccer, (ha-ha). Also I loved the canopy tour. Thanks so much!

Ann Wheat

Phoenix , AZ


December14, Pacuare 2 days

Really impressive. Well organized. First class people. Well thought – out. Nice package! The guides were so efficient and caring for the beginners like me. I appreciated it very much.

John + Mandah Karlsen

Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia


December 30, Pacuare 2 days

It was beautiful, fun, exciting, adventurous. The lodge is incredible. I would encourage any friend to go with you!

Mary Harris

Carbondale , CO












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