Cabecar Indian Rancho & Rainforest Hike

Since time immemorial, the Cabécar Indians – Costa Rica’s largest tribe – have lived in harmony with the rainforest in the mountains near the Pacuare River. These indigenous people traditionally live in small family groups scattered across the jungle, which has helped them to maintain their customs, language and culture. At the Pacuare Lodge, we offer an opportunity to experience their way of life in relative comfort and without invading their privacy. We helped members of a clan that lives in the nearby Nairi Awari Indigenous Reserve to build a typical Cabécar Rancho (thatched house) a short hike from the lodge, where the son of a local shaman provides visitors with an introduction to his people’s culture and customs.

There are two options for visiting the Cabécar Rancho. You can start with a moderate, 30 -minute hike through the rainforest, which allows you to see some of the flora and fauna that these indigenous people have long relied on. Or you can take a more direct route, which entails a short walk from the Lodge. Breakfast will be served at the Rancho, where you will have the opportunity to learn about this ancient culture.



Level of difficulty: easy.
Duration: with jungle hike, 1.5 hours; without hike 1 hour
Includes: guide & breakfast.



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